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Getting a beautiful roof installed today is possible when you work with the best roofing company in Clarksville, TX. At Sam Roofing And Construction, our professional business pairs years of experience with the best tools and materials for the job.

Our roofing contractors can fulfill all of your roofing needs, from installing your new roof to repairing your existing one, implementing regular maintenance, and more. From start to finish, we aim to provide next-level roofing services.

Your roofing system protects your home from extreme weather and water damage. Working with a team of professional and qualified roofing contractors ensures your roof lasts.

The Roofing Services We Provide

Our Sam Roofing And Construction, our residential and commercial roofing company brings over ten years of experience in providing top-notch services near Clarksville, TX. We continue to be the best in the local industry because we offer the following benefits:

Our Roof Inspection and Maintenance Service

While most roofs are durable, getting the most out of your roofing project requires regular maintenance. Clarksville homeowners sometimes make the mistake of calling our roofing company only when they need a roof repair.

Problems like snow, rain, wind, or hail damage are often unavoidable, but most major repairs start as minor fixes. Our residential and commercial roofing company encourages homeowners to schedule regular inspections.

Our inspection service involves scanning your roofing system for any possible issues, like sagging gutters or missing shingles. Then our team can provide minor repairs that help you avoid hefty bills down the road.

Our Roof Repair Service

When you need a roof repair in Clarksville, TX, our business is always eager to assist. Issues indicating that you need our roofing company repair services can include the following:

  • Water stains on your walls or ceilings

  • Paint that’s peeling or blistering

  • Deterioration or damage around soffits or fascia boards

  • Damaged or sagging gutters

  • Active roof leaks

  • Broken, loose, or missing shingles

  • Decayed, rotting, or missing soffit or fascia wood

  • Attic moisture or moisture beneath your roof

Attic moisture or moisture beneath your roof

Once our residential and commercial roofing contractors determine the repairs you need, our company provides you with a free estimate. This estimate includes costs like materials and labor.

Our Roof Replacement Service

Our company is well-equipped to handle your roofing replacement needs. Reasons homeowners decide to replace their roofs can include:

  • Significant roof damage: Issues like heavy storms and natural wear and tear can make repairing your roof virtually the same price as replacing it. At Sam Roofing And Construction, we always provide options, but sometimes it’s better to pursue a replacement.

  • Your roofing project is past its prime: How long a roofing project lasts depends on factors like materials and regular maintenance. An average shingle roof lasts between 15 to 30 years, while metal roofs have a lifespan of 40 to 70 years.

  • Correcting a poorly installed roof: Not every roofing company provides the same quality services. Likewise, homeowners may try saving money by hiring an unlicensed contractor. Doing so can result in a poorly installed roof that needs to be replaced prematurely.

  • Boosting your home’s energy efficiency: Outdated roofs can quickly cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Our roofing in Clarksville, TX, can help you slash your monthly energy costs.

  • Enhancing your property’s curb appeal: Replacing your roof is an excellent way to improve your home’s curb appeal. Replacing your roof also increases your property’s resale value.

Our Roof Installation Service

Our roofing company can install your new roof using the best materials available, including shingles and metal:

  • Shingle roofing: Most Clarksville, TX, residents choose shingles because they’re affordable and readily available. At Sam Roofing And Construction, we use the highest quality shingles, meaning you can expect your roofing system to last for years.

  • Metal roofing: While metal roofs cost more than shingle roofs, they also require less maintenance. Metal features excellent resistance against fire, insects, and wind, is lightweight, and is easy to install.Our expert roofing company can help you decide if a shingle or metal option is best for your home.

Install Your Shingled or Metal Roofing System By Calling Our Roofing Company Today

Clarksville, TX, residents needing the best roofing services can trust our Sam Roofing And Construction crew members. Our professional contractors bring over ten years of experience repairing and installing roofing systems.

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