Reno Flooring

If your home or business needs flooring services in Reno, Sam Roofing and Construction is here to assist. We are the area’s go-to flooring experts and strive to provide the best flooring services in East Texas. If you have a project in mind, we have the skills and equipment to assist. When you get flooring services from us, you can rest easy knowing you are in the hands of experts.

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Common Flooring Issues

We offer flooring services for a wide range of issues. If you notice any of the following flooring problems, contact our office today to schedule professional flooring services for your home or business.

  • Cracked tile

  • Bad installation

  • Buckling floorboards

  • Loose tile or panels

  • Shrinking or blistering vinyl

  • Moisture

  • Pest infiltration

  • Warping from heat

  • Fading and discoloration

It is important to address issues quickly by scheduling professional flooring services. Flooring problems can quickly spread to other areas, causing significant damages. Getting flooring services or new installation sooner rather than later can save you a considerable amount in repairs over your floor’s lifespan. Regular flooring services can prevent future damage and protect your investment.

Flooring Replacement & Installation

Most flooring types last anywhere between 20 and 50 years on average. If your flooring is nearing the end of its life, give the contractors at Sam Roofing and Construction a call to discuss flooring replacement and installation services. We can provide fast and efficient installation services and have hundreds of installation projects under our belt. We always provide a satisfaction guarantee with our flooring services and installation projects.

New flooring installation is a significant investment. We offer a wide range of financing options to lower immediate project costs for homeowners. We value honesty and transparency with our pricing and believe that all homeowners should be able to get quality flooring installation and repair services for a fair and competitive price. We work with homeowners to find pricing for flooring service that fit their budgets.

Types of Flooring

There are several options for residential and commercial flooring to choose from for installation, including:


Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring materials due to its beautiful appearance and durability. Hardwood floors have a long lifespan with proper installation, and the most high-quality products are treated to be waterproof.


Tile flooring comes in several beautiful patterns, colors, and sizes, so it can create stunning decorations that match the rest of your house. Tile and stone are incredibly durable and can easily last over 50 years. However, a tile flooring project will be more expensive than other types of flooring, and tile is heavy.


Vinyl is a more cost-effective alternative to both hardwood and tile flooring in Reno, TX. Vinyl is resistant to water, heat, and chemicals. Many manufacturers also create vinyl flooring to mimic the look and appearance of other flooring products.


Carpet tile is the most cost-effective flooring option for your home and provides the advantages of traditional carpeting with relatively few disadvantages. Carpet tile installation is very straightforward, and it is easy to size carpet tile to work with your flooring dimensions.

Flooring Service in Reno

If you are looking for industry-leading flooring solutions in Reno, contact Sam Roofing and Construction. We have over 12 years of experience serving Reno homeowners and strive to offer the best flooring services in the area. Unlike other flooring companies, we take the time to get to know our clients so we can provide personalized flooring services.

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