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Sam Roofing and Construction has the top commercial roofing contractors in and around Bonham, TX. If you need a commercial roofing service, be sure to contact one of our Bonham roof experts today for a free quote!

Our professionals have perfected our skills over the last 12 years of working on commercial roofs in Texas. We offer commercial and residential roofing services to address the roof needs of every business owner and homeowner in the Bonham, TX, area. So, whatever the issue, we’re here to get your roof in top condition.

Are you dealing with an emergency or storm damage? No problem! Call us for commercial roof repair in Bonham, TX, and expect the following:

  • We arrive promptly and ready to repair your roof
  • We focus on the details to ensure your roof looks and functions without issues. 
  • We carry shingles, flashing, metal pieces, and more.
  • We offer outstanding commercial roof replacement, maintenance, and repair services.

Commercial Roof Replacement & Installation

We provide some of the best commercial roof replacement services in Bonham, including being able to install a heavy-duty roof for your new construction project. Our top-notch commercial roofing contractors will replace your existing roof and install a stunning new shingle or metal roof for decades of protection for your property.

Our team of roof professionals has experience evaluating and servicing roofs on commercial buildings. We also offer exceptional commercial roofing options at low prices to help you find the perfect style. Your business will look great, and enjoy a durable new roof to protect your investment.

Warning Signs You Need to Schedule a Commercial Roofing Service

Business owners in Bonham, TX, also rely on our commercial roofing services for maintenance. Roof maintenance keeps the roof looking amazing year-round. However, it also prevents more serious roofing needs by addressing problems of all sizes before they worsen.

When does a Texas roof require commercial roofing services? The need for commercial roofing repairs can happen at any time and disrupt your daily business operations. Call us if you notice the following signs your roof needs repair or replacement services:

  • Poor-quality roof installation
  • Shingle roof granules on the ground next to the building
  • Cracked, bent, or warped roofing materials
  • Dented metal roof
  • Roof leaks or cracks
  • Moss or algae-covered roof

Is your roof over 15 years old? That’s another great reason to call our commercial roofing service for an inspection.

Our Commercial Roofing Services in Bonham, TX

For 12 years and counting, we’ve been offering Bonham customers unbeatable commercial roofing services to keep local businesses up and running.

Bonham Commercial Roof Maintenance

Our roofing maintenance services in Bonham, TX, can help your business by keeping mold, mildew, pests, leaks, and other costly future repairs away from your roof. Our professionals will replace old materials, fix any major problems, and provide repair or replacement options as needed.

We recommend scheduling roof maintenance at least once a year for your commercial building in Bonham, TX. You also should contact us for immediate maintenance and damage assessment services after a major storm.

Commercial Roof Repairs Across Texas

Our commercial roofing repair in Bonham, TX, and other communities, handles leaks, damaged roofs, and many other common problems. If you want fair prices and dependable local commercial roofing services, call us to fix your roof. If it needs more than repairs, we might suggest options like a roof restoration to deal with broken materials before recommending a full replacement.

Commercial Roofing Inspections

Does your roof need an assessment for insurance or anything else? Our licensed and trained commercial roofing contractor will perform a thorough inspection of your Bonham roof to ensure it is safe for continued use. If we notice problems, we may suggest replacement roofing systems or offer you a fair deal on a repair job that could help you delay the replacement where possible.

Commercial Roof Restoration

One of the lesser-known commercial roofing services is commercial roof restoration, where our roofing contractor will replace worn and old components with durable new ones. This work will prevent the early replacement of your Bonham roofing systems and may be exactly what your commercial roof needs. 

Advantages of Commercial Metal Roofing in Bonham, TX

As experienced professionals, we can install a durable metal roof for your commercial building that’s as attractive as it is strong. Many clients love the appearance of metal roofing systems almost as much as they appreciate the low maintenance requirements. It lasts for over 40 years, and its energy efficiency could decrease your business’s monthly bills!

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Did you know that we have worked on countless commercial buildings in Bonham, TX? Our friendly service will come prepared to replace old roofs, fix leaks, and exceed our customers’ expectations on commercial roof repair and customer service.

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