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Expert Commercial Roofing in Clarksville, TX

Running a business is tough, and knowing you have to repair or replace your roofing systems can cause stress. Our Sam Roofing and Construction team proudly offers the best commercial roofing in Clarksville, TX, and surrounding areas.

Our founder, Asa McKinney, has over ten years of experience in residential and commercial roofing services, including construction and remodeling. Our company understands the essential duties a commercial roof provides.

Besides enhancing the curb appeal of commercial buildings, the correct roofing system provides water damage and storm protection. Our team implements hassle-free commercial roofing services. For minor repairs to extensive replacements, you can trust our technicians.

Our Commercial Roofing Services

Our contractors work with commercial roofing systems like metal and shingles. Whether working on repairing metal roofs or installing a new shingle roofing project, let our professionals assist you.

Our Commercial Roofing Inspection Services

Sometimes Clarksville, TX, business owners make the mistake of only calling us when they need a specific repair. Sometimes issues like natural disasters are unavoidable, but you can prevent many commercial roof repairs with our roof maintenance services.

Our roof maintenance service begins with our commercial roofing contractors inspecting your commercial building. During this process, a commercial roofing contractor scans for issues like clogged gutters, broken shingles, or a dented metal roof.

Roofing issues like entire collapsed sections or significant leaks often begin as minor repairs. We recommend commercial businesses schedule our maintenance service at least twice a year.

The best times for our maintenance services are right before your busiest seasons. Implementing regular maintenance can help you avoid needing expensive repairs or a premature commercial roof replacement.

Our Commercial Roofing Repair Services

While frequent inspections can catch most problems early on, sometimes you may need a commercial roof repair. Common issues that require a commercial roof repair can include:

  • Commercial roofing leaks

  • A dented metal roof

  • Broken, missing, or loose shingles that easily tear off

  • Safety concerns, like areas prone to fires

  • Billowing or tenting

  • Erosion, shrinkage, standing water, or general water damage

  • Reduced energy efficiency (common with gaps and cracks)

  • Faulty installation or repairs

  • Lacking maintenance

Alongside commercial and residential roofing repairs, our team also provides a roof restoration service. This service is ideal when your roof requires extensive repairs but you don’t need a new installation or replacement.

Business owners often use our roof restoration service following significant damage caused by storms. Our Clarksville, TX, commercial roofing professionals can restore your sloped or flat roof.

Our Commercial Roofing Replacement and Installation Services

When you need to install a new roof or replace your old one, let our Sam Roofing and Construction team assist. We have the right tools and experience for your commercial roof replacement or installation.

You may need to install a new commercial roof when you expand your business to a new property. We can walk you through the best commercial roofing systems for your business’s needs. Our team factors in functionality alongside aesthetics and your current budget.

Situations requiring our commercial roofing contractors to replace your roof are:


  • Your commercial roof is past its prime: Commercial roofs often use higher quality materials than residential ones. However, a commercial roof also sees more wear and tear, generally meaning you need a roof replacement sooner.

  • Your commercial roof is past our roof restoration or repair services: When possible, our roofing contractor will recommend repair services over a replacement. Significant damage sometimes calls for replacing your roof.

  • You want to boost your roofing system’s energy efficiency: Running a business often requires significant heating and cooling costs. A new roof with better-quality materials can slash your monthly energy bills.

You want to enhance your property’s curb appeal: Curb appeal is an important factor for many commercial buildings. A building that looks outdated on the outside can send a wrong message. However, a fresh roof can entice more customers to visit your store.

Why You Can Trust Our Team to Fulfill Your Roofing Needs?

Whether repairing your existing roof or installing a fresh roof, you can trust our commercial roofing services for these reasons:

  • We’re experts at remodeling: Besides our commercial roofing services, we’re also experts when it comes to new constructions, flooring, and gutters. We ensure that each roof matches the rest of your property.

  • We value customer relationships: When providing our roofing services, it’s our goal to be the roofing company you call whenever you need roofing assistance.

  • Free estimates with no hidden fees: Before we begin each roofing job, we always provide a free estimate with no hidden fees or obligations.

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At Sam Roofing and Construction, we provide the best commercial roofing services. We can inspect, repair, or install your commercial roof in a timely manner. Clarksville, TX, businesses can enhance their roofs today by calling our team at 903-491-1792 for a free quote!